Michael Scott Crook, Internet Tar Baby

Well, thanks to Philly.com, an Internet  Philadelphia area news site, Michael Crook has finally made the big time. In an article today about a Facebook group dedicated to the memory of fallen Philadelphia police officer John Pawlowski, Crook is summed up as “…Michael Crook, an Internet agitator…”. Good job, mikey!

On Crook’s message board, he loudly proclaims that he is “outraged” at the attention the media has given him. Yeah, right, Brer Rabbit, you’re just embarrassed  that all these years of work and you’ve risen to the level of “Internet agitator”.


10 Responses to “Michael Scott Crook, Internet Tar Baby”

  1. Bill Says:

    lol I think that is actually an upgrade to what the brainless troll really is.

  2. EP Says:

    Maybe he’s Crook 2.0?

  3. Crystal Says:

    LOL…I love it.

    Internet Tar Baby….for the racist Crook.

    Emily, you are pure genius!

  4. EP Says:

    Thanks! I thought that was particularly fitting for our little mikey. 🙂

  5. Charmin Says:

    At least you finished the book… I took it into the bathroom to read and conveniently had ran out of toilet paper.

  6. EP Says:

    I tried that. The paper is really too cheap for toilet paper.

  7. Charmin Says:

    Use 3 pages…. 3 ply baby 3 ply.

  8. EP Says:

    Ah, you’re absolutely right! A little rough though.

  9. Dan South Jersey Says:

    He’s gone…

  10. Jose Says:

    Not for too long. Mikey will show again when he needs more attention. He does this every time the heat gets too much for him. He folds and runs.

    Don’t worry, with all the extra time on his hands, he will screw up, lose his temp job, start his blog, write some inflamitory piece on his ex-employer, get sued, lose, and start the cycle all over again.

    This moron was told YEARS ago to walk away and the world would forget, but in his stupidity thought he was pretty tough behind his keyboard. As a result, he blames the rest of the world ,that has shown him to his potential employers and anyone else interested in this idiot, what his true colors are.

    He refuses to take responsibility for his actions and so he will continue to be… Turbo-Probe.

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