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Michael Crook: Still No Limit – The Long Awaited Book Review

June 10, 2007

This review came up #2 on Google. Nice!


A reader sent me a copy of Michael Crook’s book, “Still No Limit, blah, blah, blah”. I intend to read it and write a review. I promise not to let the fact that Lulu ranks its sales 98,947th out of approximately 98,948, color my opinion. [Note: This book’s ranking fell off the chart so I won’t be able to update it until he sells another copy.]


I’ll just say now that Lulu seems to do a pretty good job of publishing. The black cover shows fingerprints badly, but that’s probably not their fault. A matte finish, if available, might work better. The perfect binding looks pretty good on a really thin book like this one. Their printing prices are quite reasonable. If you need a few bound copies of something, I would highly recommend using them.


Even though his use of the Galileo mission’s shots of the earth and the moon on his cover are permitted, I think it was tacky of him not to credit his source. I also don’t get the connection between the cover and the contents.


Now on to the read…


…well, that didn’t take long.


My first comment is that Crook’s assertion that his book wouldn’t be a regurgitation of material available on his blog is a bald-faced lie. Aside from a few lines to provide continuity between the articles, it’s just all his past crap organized into one place. Actually, it was easier to read on the computer screen. To keep the page count down and reduce costs, I guess, he chose to publish in a pretty small font size.


Also, Lulu lists the book as suitable for Everyone. I disagree. His liberal use of the F-word and the strong sexual content alone should give it at least a Mature rating.


Mikey claims in his own review of the book that it contains sensational material concerning him and the then Vice Principal of his high school, a Mr. Ciccariello. Don’t waste your time, it’s not true. The gist of the episode is that after a self-admitted reign of misbehavior by our Michael, because of an alleged clerical error he was suspended from class. This outraged Crook and he holds the grudge to this day. He doesn’t say anything particularly inflammatory about it in the book. He’s just trying to stir up sales and has raised the price of his book by $5 to reflect what it will cost Mr. Ciccariello to read about it.


His other bombshells, the so called involvement with a Syracuse drunk driver (there wasn’t one, he interviewed her at her place of work and had no romantic involvement), the “affair” with a married woman (one night stand, one sentence description), college-girl booty (again a totally boring one sentence description), are complete shams. Michael Crook does not have a finely developed narrative style. To say the least.


When I re-read Crook’s article on NASA’s alleged faking of the moon landing, I was reminded of a comment I have meant to make before. Mikey just doesn’t get science. It’s pretty obvious when you remember that most of his articles avoid the subject completely. His “explanation” of the clues that prove it was all done on a Hollywood-style sound stage are just too precious, though. Mikey, you are an ignorant dumbass.


He goes to great length to explain that being owned by EFF/Diehl over the fraudulent DMCA takedown notice debacle was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity. What he fails to explain is what good publicity is without a product.


All in all, I’m disappointed. We were promised new stuff. Aside from a very brief synopsis of his childhood where he reveals that he was raised by his grandmother, there is little insight into why Mikey grew up to be such a misogynistic whiner. Well, maybe the part where he admits that Granny “touched everyone who she came across.” Oh, it turns out that he was a castrato tenor in grade school, too.


An underlying theme in his work is his fascination with girls who are barely legal. It may be a subset of his general misogyny or something deeper. I know that I would never hire him into a position such as high school teacher or councilor, after reading his confessions.


The book reads like one you would write if you were a charming, well liked, celebrity, letting your fans in on all the precious things that made you so charming. Any little blemishes are covered by the excuse that people just don’t understand who you really are. It’s why they call Lulu a vanity publisher. Crook just couldn’t live without there being a record of his 15 megabytes of fame. The problem is he’ll have to send a copy to all the libraries for anyone else to see it.


Ok. That’s my take, for what it’s worth. I don’t think it’s an especially good value if you’ve read his blog in the past. He didn’t even edit out the numerous typos.


Oh, and he says on the back cover (horrible picture, by the way) how “[r]eading this book will show why one can literally ill judge a book by its cover.” I agree 100%. The cover is not bad.


[I figured out why Crook distorted his picture on the back cover. People who don’t know what he looks like might think that his head is not lopsided in real life.]